The West

“Mr. Brightside” – The Killers (2001, Nevada)

Learn more about the states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Big cities


State: Colorado

Population estimate: 704.000

What it’s known for: the Mile High City 

Denver gets its name from having the second highest elevation above sea level in the U.S.

Locals love: The outdoors

Famous for its surrounding Rocky Mountains, Denver is the biking capital of the U.S.

Salt Lake City

State: Utah

Population estimate: 1.3 million

What it’s known for: Jello

Salt Lake holds the title for most Jell-O consumed per capita.

Locals love: Eccles Theatre

This recently opened theater is a new option for locals and has plenty of shows each month.

Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Population estimate: 650.000

What it’s known for: The Strip

MGM, Cesars Palace, and the Bellagio are some of the big hotels and casinos that line the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Locals love: Downtown Arts District

If you plan a long trip to Las Vegas, take some time to leave the Strip and visit the Arts District. Here you’ll find shows, galleries, and the annual Las Vegas Film Festival.


State: Idaho

Population estimate: 230.000 

What it’s known for: The Big Idaho Potato

Boise is the proud home of the four-ton Big Idaho Potato, which also travels across the country.

Locals love: River Greenbelt

Along the Boise River, this recreational and alternate transportation area is full of parks, theatres, and other attractions.


State: Wyoming

Population estimate: 10.000

What it’s known for: Buffalo Bill

This charming town is the gateway to Yellowstone National Park and was founded by the famous Buffalo Bill.

Locals love: Hiking and horseback riding

Surrounded by nature, it is easy to see why this little town has kept its old-world charm and has become a destination for outdoor activities. 

Road Trip Worthy

Las Vegas, Nevada

You cannot travel through Nevada without stopping in the City of Lights. Commonly referred to as just Vegas, this city has something for everyone from casinos to shows to art. 


Located in the middle of the desert, anyone who passes through marvels at its buildings, specifically on the Strip. Here, you can find famous casinos such as Caesars Palace, Bellagio, or The Cosmopolitan. This once deserted area now serves as a continuous show of lights, music, games, and fun. 


Although you may think Vegas is just a casino resort, there is so much more than just gambling. There are plenty of shops and delicious restaurants scattered around the city, making it a great destination if you love good food and outlets. Nightly shows are also available and offer everything from magicians to musicians to street performers. With entertainment available for all tastes, this is the perfect place to enjoy sunny days, the movement of people, and the light-filled streets.


If this is not enough to spark your curiosity, then take a drive to Area 51, located about two hours outside of Las Vegas. Famous conspiracy theories have all involved Area 51, and you can definitely see why when you visit. 

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Few travelers have had the pleasure to say they have been able to experience the most incredible mountain ranges on the planet. The Rockies is a mountain range that extends more than 4,000 kilometers, starting in the northern part of New Mexico and ending well above the border with Canada. 

Impressive as it may be, many of the most common attractions or destinations are located in the state of Colorado. 


Is it cold? Then why not go skiing in the well-known ski resort of Aspen. 


Is it warm? Then feel free to take your pick: 


a) Hike through the Rocky Mountains to see wild animals such as deer, snow rabbits, elk deer, and rare birds. 


b) Go tubing or rafting down one of the many rivers that flow out of the Rockies. Don’t miss your chance to let the water take you away under the warm sun. 


c) Bike up or down the mountain. Home to the biking capital of the U.S., Colorado cities and parks are waiting for you to enjoy a relaxing or thrilling bike ride.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The first national park in the U.S., Yellowstone has never stopped amazing those who visit. If you are passionate about wildlife, Yellowstone is never going to disappoint. Year after year, you can join others as they view its migratory animals come and go. Bison, bears, wolves, deer and migratory birds all travel to these incredible forests and grasslands for food and reproduction. Yellowstone is considered to have its own Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem due to the hundreds of rare and endangered animals that have been recorded to migrate here and the presence of rare plants native to the park. This unique ecosystem has been brought Yellowstone recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


It is not only famous for its animals and plants, however. The park sits on top of the largest super volcano in the world, and more than half of all the world’s geysers are in Yellowstone.


The most popular geyser you can visit is Old Faithful, an unforgettable spectacle definitely worth seeing. Be sure to pass through Cody, Wyoming, on your way to Yellowstone to learn a bit more about the history of this preserved region.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park is located in the southwestern part of Utah and is home to Zion Canyon that is a spectacular 24 kilometers long with an average height of 800 meters. This beautifully diverse area is home to plants, countless bird species, and surprisingly more than 19 species of bats. 


The park has archaeological remains from Native American tribes who used to call this area home. It is believed the first settlers arrived to this area around 8,000 years ago. Similarly, Mormon groups who wanted to have their own communities, moved here at the end of the 19th century. This is significant because it was this reason the park was named Zion. It was believed it would attract a larger number of visitors than perhaps an unfamiliar Native American name. 


There are many attractions within the park, but one which is noteworthy is Keyhole Canyon. This canyon was created by the erosion caused by rainwater over the course of centuries. It leaves behind a reddish colored rock with sophisticated formations and curves. This rock, in addition to the little light that enters the top of the canyon, makes for an incredible visual experience that you should not miss on your visit.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, Colorado

Commonly known as simply Red Rocks, this open-air concert hall carved within the rocks is only 16 kilometers from the city of Denver. It has been widely recognized by musicians and rock bands as one of the best concert halls worldwide. 


The beauty of the amphitheatre is not the only attraction. Every year summer concerts are held in the evening with world-famous bands attending each year. Some big name performers who have been on stage at Red Rocks include Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, U2, and Imagine Dragons. 


Make your way to Denver this summer to enjoy the perfect combination of music and nature at this immense rock formation. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see some of your favorite artists in a location that is simply one of a kind. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Zion National Park, Utah

Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, Colorado

Words & Expressions to Know ​

  • N’nat: A shorter way of saying “and that.” Used typically in Wyoming, this expression is used at the end of sentences.
    • “We could go get some coffee after lunch n’nat.” 
  • Oysters: When travelling through the Rocky Mountains, be careful when ordering “‘oysters”. Here it refers to fried bull testicles, so order them at your own discretion.

  • Sluffing: This is a term used in Utah to describe the action of “not going to class or school”. 

  • “We, at Epro 360, hope you do not sluff and attend all your classes throughout the year.”

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