One of the many advantages of studying in the U.S. is the many options you have available to fund your studies and help you reduce your cost of studying in the U.S.  Note that for most students (and you are probably included here), none of these options will cover 100% of all of your costs, which means that you would still be responsible for a portion of the expenses related to your studies in the U.S.


The main and most popular scholarship alternatives are:

University funded scholarships.

Most universities in the U.S. (especially private) offer academic and athletic scholarships to international students.  Choose either option below to know more.

Academic Scholarships

This is your best option if you have a good academic background and would like to try to complete your undergraduate in one of the more than 4,000 universities that exists in the U.S.  Any student can select this option, however, if you wish to play a sport while at university or go to one of the most prestigious institutions in the U.S. then perhaps this is not the best fit for your.


Athletic Scholarships

If you are good academically but have a passion and skills for any of the sports played in U.S. universities, this is our recommendation for you.  If your profile is strong, then you have a real possibility of achieving very large scholarship opportunities as well as attending an incredibly well-ranked university. Scholarship amounts are typically the highest of the three options.


Extra Funding Program.

Epro 360 offers a program intended to provide you with additional scholarship opportunities from U.S. or global third party sources. There are hundreds of organizations out there giving scholarships to international students, and you could be one of them. Keep in mind that there is competition for these (i.e. these are not guaranteed scholarships) and they require you to be already admitted in a U.S. university before you can apply. Therefore, you should not rely on this option to pay for your expenses in the U.S. This would be more like an extra funding that you can get once you are already admitted in a U.S. university.  Check our Extra Funding Program to know more about it.

Country’s specific scholarships.

Most countries have non-for profit organizations or state-owned entities that provide scholarships to students that would like to study abroad. For example, as many of our team members live in Spain, we are very familiar with Spain’s specific organizations that provide scholarships to Spanish residents.  If Epro 360 has a team member in your country, please contact him/her to find out about your options. 

Outside scholarships, there are some additional options that can help you fund your expenses to study in the U.S.


This is an option that some international students use it. There are two possibilities here. One is for you to get a loan from a U.S. bank. U.S. banks require any international student to provide a person that is a U.S. resident as a co-signer. This means that if you are not able to pay the U.S. bank back, they can request your U.S. cosigner to pay.  If you are unable to provide a U.S. cosigner, the alternative would be for you to obtain a loan from a bank that is located in the country you reside. For instance, if you reside in Spain, you could have the different financing optionsIf Epro 360 has a team member in your country, please contact him/her to find out about your options.

Online Crowdfunding Program.

Online crowdfunding is a method of raising capital online (there are many online platforms out there that facilitate this; Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and are just three examples) through the collective efforts of a community (e.g. existing community in that platform, family, friends, student’s network, Epro 360 community, etc.).  This program is open to anyone that is in the process to apply, has obtained admission, or is currently enrolled in a U.S. institution, regardless of being a current or former Epro 360 student. Epro 360 has a program to help you with this. Learn more about the Epro 360 Crowdfunding Program.