General overview

Our Master’s Program is for those who have completed or are close to completing a Bachelor’s Degree and wish to specialize and take their professionalism to the next level. If you are seeking for a way to stand out in an ever-more competitive working world, this is the program for you.

With the help of Epro 360, you can find the best Universities, great cost of attendance, and a wide variety of Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships to help reduce your total expenses. Furthermore, our team of experts will find the best programs to maximize your field of interest, the perfect program that meets your needs and top-notch technological services and professors

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Each university has its own admission requirements but you can find the essential listing of requirements below based on the work we have done with hundreds of students throughout the years.

Bachelor’s Degree and Transcripts

These are essential for the universities to consider accepting you into a Master’s program. If you have not finished your degree yet, that is OK and you can already begin the process and even receive “Conditional Acceptance.”. If you want to enter a STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math), we advise higher grades and strong Academic backgrounds.

English Exam

All universities require you to present some kind of English credentials. These are typically those of the TOEFL or IELTS exam. Most Universities accept students starting at a 61 grade point for the TOEFL ibt or 6.5 for the IELTS Exam. If you have taken many credits at a bilingual or entirely English education system, you may be eligible to waive this requirement.

Additional admission exams

While not mandatory in all cases, we recommend you to take the GMAT or GRE. Additionally, if you wish to enroll in a Master's of Art, you may be required to present a Portfolio of past work, or an Audition for musicians, actors or dancers.

Ability to grow, prosper and learn

Classes in the United States on a Master’s level are usually quite personal and your connection with professors and peers is essential for your own growth. You must be willing to communicate openly, participate in class dialogues and projects on a team-level. Learning methodologies vary from institution to institution and you must be willing to embrace the approach provided by professors and teaching staff.

A Comprehensive Budget

Studying at this level requires a financial investment in yourself. We will help you receive the best options and scholarships to reduce costs as much as possible, but we like to remind our students they need to be willing to cover an important part of the total cost of attendance. For some institutions, too, you may be considered for a Graduate Assistantship in order to reduce the total cost but you must be willing to help and work for your Department or University in different tasks and events.

Letters of Purpose

You will most likely be required to submit a letter of purpose where you explain the motives behind choosing your final institution. Universities like to see the real motives behind attending their center above any other. It is a great opportunity for the student to introduce themselves as well. These letters are usually intended for the Director of the program to select the most qualified and interested students, so do not take this opportunity lightly!

Letters of Recommendation

Universities will most likely require some form of past experiences or examples of your persona as a student or member of your community. This can either be a letter of recommendation from past teachers, community leaders or bosses. In other cases, it could be an updated CV where you highlight not only your studies but also your main accomplishments as an employee if you have job experience.

Scholarships and Top Universities

We are unique in that our team of researchers do not limit the scope of our search to any list of universities. At the beginning of our process, we keep the doors open for the more than 5.000 universities in the country.  Based on this, we can guarantee that you will obtain the best education possible in the best university available at the lowest price also possible (thanks to finding scholarships and graduate assistantships).  Click below to learn more about academic scholarships and top universities.

Academic Scholarships

Although there are fewer scholarship opportunities for Master’s students, we strive on helping you find universities that still offer them and reduce your total cost of attendance by any means possible. One alternative are Graduate Assistantships, which are jobs with your university and department that help you save money and gain experience.

Top Universities

If you would like to attend any of the top 200 Universities in the U.S. we could help you too. Admission in these top universities can be very challenging so you need to demonstrate a high level of accomplishment in and outside of the classroom. Scholarships offered by these top universities are very limited, but if you are dreaming big, Epro 360 can help you!


As a Graduate student, you will be required to choose a housing option after we find the perfect university for you. This can be on campus with a meal plan, meaning everything you will need is on campus, or you can find your own apartment and prepare your own meals at home, becoming more independent. Whatever be the case, we guide you with all your options and present any available location to you, so your decision is as informed as possible.


Traditionally speaking, graduate programs tend to have a duration of 2 or even 2.5 years. They were generally guided towards students that have already achieved several years’ experience in their field and want to specialize in something unique to their job position.

However, this is changing and we have seen an increase in ‘accelerated’ programs of one year to meet the ever-changing economic and technological world. However, this is still somewhat exceptional and even rare in some programs. Added to the exotic nature of these programs, you must account for an added cost, as they concentrate 2 years of formation and classes in a one year schedule.

For these and many other reasons, we usually recommend our students to be flexible and analyze both options, one year and two year programs, to see the benefits each one brings to the table and make a final decision based on this. In many cases, students finally see the value of attending a program for 2 years, building a reliable network, and utilizing the fantastic devices and instruments available to them at the university campus.

Would you like to learn more about the different master’s degrees you can complete in the U.S., their duration, career opportunities, salaries, etc.?

Resources by Country

The process to study an undergraduate degree in the U.S. is very similar regardless of your nationality. However, there are certain aspects that will be different depending on your nationality. Examples of these are the types of funding available to you from third party organizations, lending opportunities offered by financial institutions, how to validate and recognize your studies in the U.S. when you go back, etc. We recommend you to spend some time reviewing the specific content that pertains to your country and reach out to the Epro 360 team member that is also from that country if you have any questions.