General overview

Our personalized Bachelor’s Program is ideal for students who are interested in achieving an undergraduate/bachelor’s degree in a U.S. university Although traditionally thought to be extremely expensive, the reality is that through specific scholarship opportunities and work on campus, you can easily bring the total cost of attendance (tuition, room and board on campus) down to an affordable amount. Our personalized work guarantees that all of the options presented to you will be within the limits of the budget you select. Furthermore, we strive to present options that are even lower than the given budget, to make your decision even easier to make.

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Each university has its own admission requirements but you can find the essential listing of requirements below based on the work we have done with hundreds of students throughout the years.

High School diploma and transcripts

The better your transcripts, the better your options of being admitted and obtaining an attractive scholarship amount in your desired university.

English Exam

You need to take the English exams TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum required score is 61 (TOEFL ibt) and 6 (IELTS) but remember that the higher the score, the more chances you will have of receiving a higher scholarship.

Additional admission exams

Exams such as the SAT or ACT are strongly recommended because there are thousands of universities that require you to take them and obtain a decent score. Keep in mind that the higher your score in these exams, the more chances of getting a high scholarship amount you will have and even being admitted to well-ranked universities.

Transcript of bachelor's courses

If you are currently enrolled in a university outside or within the U.S. you could transfer some, if not all of the credits you have obtained so far so you do not lose time and can save money on tuition. On average, we have helped accomplish at least 50% of the international credits but this is always dependent on the policy the university has regarding international credits.

Aptitude to adapt, to change, & leave your comfort zone

Not everybody is willing and ready to adapt to a new culture and language. It is important that you want to reach the goal of studying in the U.S. as much as our team would like to help you fulfill this dream. We have had to decline some applications in the past of students meeting all the requirements except this one, which is essential to the Epro 360 team and the universities.

Minimum financial budget

Scholarships very rarely cover all the costs of studying in the U.S. Thus, students and/or the family needs to be able to prove that they have enough funds to cover the cost of studying in the U.S. Below you can access a tool to calculate how much this cost could be for you based on your profile and preferences.

Motivational Essays

Many universities will want to know the exact motives for studying in the U.S. Our team of experts can help with this, but you can start thinking of what is your real motivation to go to the U.S. Universities will use these responses to get a better feel for the student and ultimately accept or deny their application.

Letters of Recommendation

Many universities will ask you to submit a letter of recommendation from someone who can be a good judge of character. Old teachers, coaches or even bosses are encouraged to be the ones to testify about your moral and academic solidity. These letters will boost your chances of being admitted to your chosen university.

Scholarships and Top Universities

With our Bachelor’s Program, you can study at any of the more than 5.000 universities in the U.S.  Most universities use scholarships to attract the best talent from around the world so we help you take advantage of this. We do not put any barriers in regards to which university you can study so studying in a top university (e.g. Ivy League university) is definitely an option with our program.

Academic Scholarships

Possibilities are almost endless.  In general, students with an above average academic profile can qualify for academic scholarships provided by universities so we encourage all ambitious students out there to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

Top Universities

Outstanding academic background and extracurricular resume are a must to be admitted by top universities.  Our advisors will help you get admitted into your dream university that is part of the top 100 or 200 in the ranking of best universities in the U.S.


Your future is boundless, and so should be your University options. So why limit yourself to a select few? Our philosophy is exactly the same. We do not work exclusively with a select few Universities we can help you apply to. We search all of the American Universities available until we find the perfect fit for your specific case. In the past, we have helped students enter any given University in all 50 states. We can provide you with clear examples and stories from our own experience. We have also developed some favorites that we love to see students attend. Do you want to know some of our Highlighted Universities?


For most areas of study in the U.S., Bachelor degrees have a combined total of 120 course credits. These credits are typically divided into 30 credits per year (15 per semester), taking on average 4 years to complete. Semesters, however, begin sooner than in other parts of the world such as Europe; for example, the Fall semester typically begins in August and concludes in December. Similarly, the Spring semester begins at the beginning of January or early February and concludes in May. Community colleges offer students the possibility to obtain an associate degree in two years.  After the completion of these two years, students can decide to transition into a professional career or transfer to a 4 year university program having to complete only two remaining years.  The academic period of a community college is very similar to a 4 year university.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the option of using both your Christmas break and your Summer break to continue your education by taking classes in this period. This allows students the fantastic opportunity of finishing their program sooner. Another positive feature to note here, is International students as yourself are eligible to work for up to 40 hours during these breaks, offering the chance to save some money to help cover expenses. 

Universities offer majors and minors. Know more about the differences between these two watching this video. Most international students are able to graduate within four years with a major and a minor.  The variety of majors and minors offered by U.S. universities is almost endless. The good thing about the U.S. educational system is that the first year is of general studies regardless of your major. Universities require all students to take very diverse classes that may have nothing to do with the major or minor chosen by the students.  You will be required to take general classes in subjects such as Mathematics, Literature, Economics, Biology, etc. This allows all students to have exposure to all these areas of knowledge and make the selection of their major and minor a much easier decision.

Would you like to learn more about the different bachelor’s degrees you can complete in the U.S., their duration, career opportunities, salaries, etc.?

Resources by Country

The process to study a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. is very similar regardless of your nationality. However, there are certain aspects that will be different depending on your nationality. Examples of these are the types of funding available to you from third party organizations, lending opportunities offered by financial institutions, how to validate and recognize your studies in the U.S. when you go back, etc. We recommend you to spend some time reviewing the specific content that pertains to your country and reach out to the Epro 360 team member that is also from that country if you have any questions.

How it works

We explain you in a very simple and graphic way the steps to successfully get you into the U.S.!


We have broken down all your costs of participating in this program into 3 main elements: University cost of attendance, Epro 360 Services Cost, and additional Costs.

Financial Tools

We understand that studying your bachelor’s degree in the U.S. is an important decision in your life.  It will also be a major financial change in your or your parents’ life and for this reason we want you to feel completely comfortable with the decision. With years of experience and having helped thousands of families in the past, we can share with you some tools to make your decision to study in the United States much easier.  Ask your Epro 360 Advisor to access to these tools.

Cost of University Attendance Calculator

This calculator allows you to estimate how much your annual expenses associated with studying a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. will be. 

ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator

Cost by itself is almost never a good indicator to carry out an investment and we see (and hopefully you do) studying abroad as an investment, in terms of personal, professional and financial growth.  For this reason, we have created a tool called ROI (return on investment) that helps you determine the return on your investment to study a bachelor’s program in the U.S.  

Epro 360 vs myself Calculator

We have been asked the question of whether or not a family could do the entire process on their own instead of investing in Epro 360  It is undeniable that investing in Epro 360 will save you thousands of dollars per year thanks to the scholarship opportunities we will help you find. However, keep in mind that with our services you are also saving in time invested in the entire process as our experts will handle your application process. Similarly, working with Epro 360 will mean that you are materially reducing the amount of risk of making mistakes throughout the application process.


Click below to download the PDF that contains all the different services offered by Epro 360 for the Bachelor’s Degree program


Do you still have questions? Review this section for the most frequently asked questions

When should I start the process?

​You could apply at any time, but keep in mind that there are certain deadlines you need to meet if you would like to start your studies in the U.S. at a certain time. In general, we recommend you to start the process at least one year prior to your estimated arrival to the U.S. but it also depends on your expectations in terms of the ranking of the university, the amount of scholarships you would like to receive, etc. In general, the more demanding you are, the earlier you need to start.

Do I need a visa to stay in the U.S., and if so, what type of visa is it?

You will most probably need to obtain the F-1 or M-1 student visa. When you obtain the admission from your desired university, you could then apply to the U.S. Embassy in your country to obtain the required visa. It is part of the services that we offer to assist you with anything that you need in regards to obtaining your U.S. visa.

How does the process of selecting one or more universities work?

Epro 360 takes a very personal approach when dealing with all of its students. We will analyze all your personal information carefully (academic background, location preferences, favourite universities, etc.) in order to hand pick a list of options that fit all or most of your criteria. Our research will usually take between 2 and 4 weeks to complete, depending on how specific you are with regards to your preferences. Your customized list will have a little of everything you have described and should encourage you to choose one or more of them in order to begin your Application Process.