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The SAT is a multiple-choice standardized admissions test widely used by universities in the U.S. It is taken into account when debating your eligibility to attend any American university; testing you on your reading, writing and mathematics skills. The better your SAT score, the better your chances will be for being admitted into a high ranking university, as well as increasing your scholarship potential.

This package includes 5 hours of SAT coaching, one on one exam registration support and coverage of all inscription fees.


Topics are covered as follows:

writing section:

subject-verb agreement, run-ons, comma splices, independent and dependent clauses, non-essential clauses, verb conjugation, parallel tenses, singular and plural possessive, redundancy, verbosity, gerunds, participles, parts of speech, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, interjections, articles, punctuation, commas, periods, colons, semi-colons, dashes, parentheses

reading section:

skimming, word scanning, inference, time management


factoring quadratics, quadratic formula, logarithms, improper fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, percentages, ratios, proportions, order of operations, integers, rational and irrational numbers, polynomials, linear systems of equations, inequalities, absolute values, exponents, radicals, mean, median, mode, permutations, combinations


Pythagorean theorem, graphing, angles, parallel, perpendicular and skew lines, distance formula, midpoint formula, slope intercept form, point slope form, parabolas, scalene isosceles, and equilateral triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, perimeter, circumference, surface area, volume, prisms, cylinders, cones


SOH-CAH-TOA, sine, cosine, tangent, secondary / reciprocal functions, cosecant, secant, cotangent, unit circle



tables, charts, trends, predictions, hypotheses, interpreting patterns

How is the coaching conducted?

Our coach meets with the students once a week via Skype. During the six days in between sessions, students are invited to take timed practice sections on their own. Once they are graded and scored, our coach has them re-try the problems they missed and read the sample explanations the preparation book provides. Students are invited to take personal notes here.

Once they encounter something that they have missed twice, read an explanation, and attempt to take notes and they still cannot figure it out, then our coach has them rate their problems. With multiple problems each week “the hardest of the hard problems” from each section – math, writing/grammar/reading (or science, if applicable) – will be attacked first.

Each session is different and is geared toward helping the students with problems they were unable to learn on their own. Our coach will be acting a bit as a “police officer,” assigning homework and making sure that the work is done, tracking their results, and keeping students encouraged. However, the main purpose of the session is to Find problems each unique student cannot figure out. Then, our coach shows them how to do those problems with proven best practice techniques or to develop some techniques of their own.

If you are interested in adding more coaching hours, let us know and we can adjust for you another package!

Additional information

SAT Sections

English, Math, Special Desire: SAT Subject Test


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