Extra Funding Program


This program includes the following services:

  • 1 on 1 support until your listing is shared.
  • Listing with best non-guaranteed scholarships from third parties that fit your profile. 
  • Commitment to include a combined amount of at least $20,000 worth of non-guaranteed scholarships in your listing.

Before you make the purchase, review this page for further details and this document for the Terms and Conditions.  Contact us if any questions before the purchase. By making a purchase, you accept all the terms and conditions contained herein.


Would you like to obtain a personalized listing with competitive scholarships that amount more than $20.000? Our team of researchers have years of experience working with students from all over the world to navigate through the complex and broad world of non-guaranteed scholarships granted by organizations different than universities.  If you are willing to invest some time into this and assuming that you have already been admitted or are in the process of being admitted by a U.S. university, the selling price of this program is nothing compared to all the potential gain that is in here for you. Please review this page for further details on this program.


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