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We have shared this private page with you because we think you could be a good fit for what this program requires and offers. Why? We consider you a high profile student and we think it’s worth our time to try to get you additional scholarships! What does this mean and how do we do it? Keep reading:

1) What is this program’s purpose?

This program is intended to provide you with additional scholarship opportunities from third party sources to students. There are hundreds of organizations out there giving scholarships to international students. However, there is competition for these (i.e. these are not guaranteed scholarships) and they require you to be already admitted in a U.S. university before you can apply. You can increase your chances to obtain those and make your education in the U.S. more affordable thanks to Epro 360’s help and expertise, and basically at almost no risk.

2) Which students are intended to participate in this program?

This program is open to anyone that is in the process to apply, has obtained admission, or is currently enrolled in a U.S. institution, regardless of being a current or former Epro 360 student or not. Epro 360’s Extra Funding program is uniquely designed in a way so that the financial risk for the student is very minimal (see below #4 for further details). Epro 360 is very selective in choosing which students can participate in this program. Besides good qualifications (e.g. good GPA, TOEFL score, etc.), it is important that the student is mature and responsible enough to work on additional requirements needed to be eligible for these additional scholarships.

It is mentioned several times in this page and in the contract. It is important that you know that the scholarships presented to you are competitive (i.e. there will be other students competing against you to obtain those).  The chances of you getting those will depend on many factors and how well you meet the requirements that will be presented to you in the Listing of Scholarships. Also, keep in mind that these scholarships are typically granting you money as a one time payment (i.e. lump sum amount) instead of being a recurring payment, like the university scholarships that grant you money every year. This program is therefore an excellent opportunity to motivated students that already have a feasible plan on how to finance their studies in the U.S., but that would like to obtain some extra funding to reduce expenses.  By no means, this program is intended to partially or totally finance your studies in the U.S., especially if your plan is to study for more than one year.

3) What does Epro 360 offer?

Epro 360 will assign you a personal advisor to understand your profile and strengths in order to research the complex and challenging world of third party scholarships and present you with the best options available. The advisor will propose you the most attractive options, explain the requirements and deadlines so you can choose your preferred options. Then, after you are presented with the listing you need to decide whether you want to work on those requirements by yourself or with the help of an experienced Epro 360 advisor.  In that case, the advisor will work with you for each one of scholarships that you have selected from your listing in order to maximize your chances to obtain such scholarships. Note that for the latter option, we currently only open 10 spots every semester so our support is not guaranteed. This is to keep our efforts realistic and manageable while providing those selected students the highest quality support/advice.

Currently in 2019 and based on the research and experience gained so far on this program, Epro 360 is also making the commitment that the total combined amount of scholarships that could be obtained from applying to all the scholarships contained in the Listing of Scholarships will be at least $20,000.  If this combined amount of scholarships in the Listing is lower than $20,000, Epro 360 will return the Listing fee to the student.

4) How much does Epro 360 charge for this Program?

There is a $/€330 Listing fee that needs to be paid after signing the agreement and before we can start any work related to the Listing of Scholarships. 

In case you decide to use an Epro 360 Advisor to help you with the rest of the process for all your chosen scholarships, Epro 360 also charges a 50% success fee over any scholarship amount granted to you. This % is applied after you have recovered the Listing fee amount and charged after Epro 360 completes the work. This % applies to any award that you may receive and that you are the last beneficiary, regardless of who is the recipient of the funds. For example, some organizations may transfer the funds directly to your chosen institution so you end up paying less.

5) It is still not clear to me. Can you provide me with an example?

Absolutely! See below for an example with 3 possible scenarios,

Michelle has already obtained admission to attend university X starting in Fall 2020 and the net amount she would have to pay for tuition, room, and board is $19,000 per year. This amount already discounts any scholarship the university has given her and that was previously disclosed in the “Listing of Universities” created by Epro 360. Her GPA is 3.7, her TOEFL score is 95 and her SAT is 1,290. During the time she has been working with Epro 360 advisors, she has shown extreme care and maturity meeting all the deadlines. Epro 360 has offered Michelle to be part of this special program and Michelle has accepted the invitation.

Michelle pays the Program Fee ($330)). The advisor works with Michelle during the following days/weeks to find the best alternatives and prepare Michelle’s Listing of Scholarships. The listing that Michelle receives contains 20 different competitive scholarships, each of them granting an average of $1,500. Thus, the total combined scholarship amount that Michelle could obtain is $30,000 (20 scholarships x $1,500).

Scenario I

Michelle reviews the Listing of Scholarships and decides to take the rest of the process by herself. She eventually applies to 10 scholarships and “wins” 3 scholarships.

Michelle’s monetary “profit” from participating in this program would be $4,170 ($1,500 per scholarship x 3 scholarships – $330 (paid to Epro 360 (Listing Fee)).

Scenario II

Michelle reviews the Listing of Scholarships and decides to use an Epro 360 advisor to support her in the rest of the process. She applies to 15 scholarships because she can save time with the help of the advisor and eventually and “wins” 7 scholarships.

Michelle’s monetary income from participating in this program and winning 7 scholarships would be $10,500.  However, the initial Listing Fee and the 50% success fees needs to be applied in order to know exactly what’s the profit of Michelle.

Her profit would then be $5,085 ((($1,500 per scholarship x 7 scholarships) – $330 (Listing Fee)) * 50% (Epro 360 is getting the other 50%)).

Scenario III

The Listing of Scholarships that Epro 360 prepares for Michelle does not have a potential combined amount of at least $20,000 worth of scholarships.

Epro 360 can return the Listing fee to the student, and in this case Michelles decides that she wants the money back and not to continue with the process.

6) Ok, it makes sense now. What do I do next?

If everything makes sense to you so and would like to start the process, just click on the red button below. This button will take you to the specific page of the Extra Financing program on the online store where you could also pay online.  After payment, an Epro 360 representative will contact you to begin the process.

If you have any questions, please contact the member of the Epro 360 team that you have been in contact with or email us at

Thank you for trusting us and using Epro 360 to help finance your dream of studying in the United States.