Marcos Raul Cobeña Vera

 “Realmente disfruté el proceso de trabajar con cada uno de los miembros de Epro 360. Hicieron el proceso muy fácil y simple”.

País de Origen: Ecuador

Estudios: Grado en administración de negocios

Plan/es futuro/s: Hacer el OPT y conseguir un visado de trabajo para quedarme en EE.UU.

Llegada a EE.UU.: Agosto 2017

Aspecto Financiero a destacar: Marcos Raúl recibió una beca académica de $12.000 por año para estudiar Administración de Empresas.

Munkhbaatar Otgontuya

Mongolia – ESL Program

I loved how much personalized work Epro 360 and my Ambassador Narku did for me. I applied kind of last minute and the Epro team could still handle everything last minute in the summer of 2015, just before my classes started. I am looking forward to my time in the U.S.

Ata Kelesoglu

Turkey – ESL Program

I am happy I made it to the U.S. on time.  My classes just started and I cannot believe I am actually here. The application process would have been very stressful without the support of Epro 360. My local ambassador Efkan gave me the necessary support to get everything done on time.

Zolboo Azbayar

Mongolia – Undergraduate Nursing

I always wanted to study nursing, and I was looking for something else that I could use to differentiate myself from the rest. When I heard about Epro 360 and about the fact that nursing is actually something I could learn at an American university, there was no way back. I got excited and went for it. I love the diversity here on campus the U.S., too”

Ankhbayar Munkhbayar

Mongolia – ESL Program

“The government in Mongolia currently does not make it too easy to leave the country and go to the U.S. Also, it is not always a given that people can afford it. Epro 360 gave me great legal support, as well as connected me to a big scholarship. I am so glad everything worked out.”

Nadezhda Lur

Russia – ESL Program

“Studying in the United States was a very personal decision. It gives me the opportunity to evolve as a professional. It is a privilege to me to receive a world-class education.”

Andrea Ruano

Ecuador – Undergraduate Communication

Studying abroad has helped me help me visualize the world with a different broader perspective. It has also helped me expand my knowledge about different cultures, languages, and of course, on my field study. Furthermore, it has helped me build opportunities for my future.”