High School


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To qualify for a free and personal call with one of our advisors, register here. Together, we will try to come up with a strategy to use the Epro 360 method and help you achieve your goal of studying high school in the U.S.

Mutual Commitment

After we meet, we should have a good idea whether we want to work together. Assuming we both are happy to continue, we will both sign a contract to formalize our commitment.



Contract Signature and
Pay 1st Fee

After the signature of the contract, we will issue an invoice for the first of the three payments that will take place during the process.

Access to Online Platform

You will gain access to our online platform when we confirm the receipt of your payment.  Right from the first day, we will start assigning you tasks and provide you with advice on how to successfully move forward with the process.



Obtain your Customized High School Listing

Our team of advisors will spend time researching and negotiating with high schools that we believe are a good match for you. In a very reasonable period of time, our commitment is to show you the deliverable, which will be a customized listing of high schools (in the case of the private high school sub-program) and one high school and family (in the case of the public high school sub-program).

Choose your Preferred High Schools

Take the time to review our High School Listing. We will list the total cost and admission requirements among others, but ask your advisor as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable about your choice.



Pay 2nd Fee and Work on Application Requirements

We are invoicing you for the 2nd installment.  After its receipt, your assigned advisor will continue to work with you to ensure all the requirements are met in the proper shape and time to get you admitted into your desired U.S. high school.

Obtain your High School Admission

The goal is that your desired high school offers you admission. Epro 360’s success rate in the high school program is very high (above 90% as of September 2019), so we are confident that if you follow the advice of your advisors, you are most probably be successful in your application.



Pay 3rd Fee and Obtain
Pre-arrival Support

We will issue the final invoice and then provide you with all the support you need prior to your departure (e.g. visa process, logistics, etc.).

Obtain Post-arrival Support

Our support does not end when you arrive to the U.S. Upon your arrival, you can take advantage of the many unique things about Epro 360 such as our strong knowledge about the U.S. culture and regulation and our strong network of individuals and organizations across the country, among others.


Do you have more questions about the High School Program?