What we are looking for:

We need inspired and creative people to help us promote our business in the hundreds of countries we are planning to reach within the next decade. At this early stage, any person looking forward to creating something from scratch may find in Epro 360 the perfect scenario to develop his / her skills.

What we offer:

We think there is no place in the educational industry where you could work with people who are more open to new ideas and carry out new innovative projects, than the Epro 360 group. We believe that in order to be successful and become the #1 in this competitive environment, we need to be surrounded not only by good professionals but by professionals who are creative, unconventional, and willing to grow. You will find an environment that welcomes new ideas.
Creative a good environment.

That welcomes new ideas (even failures), which will allow you to reach your full potential.

Training in communication, sales skills, and sales tool.

Training in communication and sales skills, so you can become a better communicator, salesperson, and business professional. Much of your work will be spreading the word about Epro 360. Going to local high schools and standing up in front of a group will challenge you to communicate effectively. This is an important skillset that you can use for the rest of your life. No worries, you will be taught how to do that, too

A network of ambitious and high achiever peers located around the world.

A network of ambitious peers around the world who share same values, and who will enhance your professional opportunities worldwide within, and outside of Epro 360.

Adopt a self-employed mindset in our organization

We want everybody to adopt a self-employed mindset in our organization, even our accountant. A fair payment based on your performance + a negotiable fixed salary per hour and per project

What we look for in a candidate:

Marketing studies or related field. Prior experience as an intern or full-time employee in the Marketing field. The applicant should be able to show some of his / her prior work and articulate how he / she could help Epro 360 to reach its mission. The candidate should have, at least, a reasonable level of the English language in order to communicate with the rest of his / her peers around the world. Any additional language is welcome. Prior experience as an international student (no matter where) is also desirable.

Hard Skills:

  • English Language: You need to possess a reasonable level of the English language in order to appropriately communicate with the rest of the Epro 360 team
  • Excellent written and verbal skills in your native language
  • Aptitude for using new technologies (e.g. google drive, google docs, etc.)
  • Additional Languages: Knowledge of a third language is not required but often helpful. If you enjoy travelling and want to advance your career, your chances of being relocated or being promoted to become an Area Leader (i.e. responsibility for a group of countries) will increase if you know more than English and your local language

Soft Skills:

  • Time management. We want to empower our team members as much as possible and this is why we focus on performance instead of requiring to work a minimum of hours
  • Ability to transmit energy and a fun “can do” attitude to other members of the team
  • Master this!:
  • Most importantly: feel passionate about helping Epro 360 to achieve its mission and vision