Student Application Support

What we are looking for:

Do you feel passionate about education abroad, and in the U.S. in particular?  Would you like to enable young generations to become more global?  Perfect!  We are looking for a committed, responsible, self-motivated, and driven individual who would be thrilled to support our student’s applications to institutions in the U.S.  Our sales force recruits students all over the world every year.  From the moment these students enroll in one of our programs, you will be providing assistance with all the steps related to their admission application.  You will be working closely with Management and sales force to ensure our students process go as expected. You could work anywhere in the world and at the times that you wish.

What your responsibilities will be:

(include, but are not limited to)

1. Interact with sales force and Coordination and Research to know when students enroll in our program and to keep everybody involved in the process updated on any major progress regarding the student’s application.

2. Communicate and work with the students and parents to ensure they understand all the documentation that is required for the Company to seek admission and scholarship.

3. Compile all students’ documents, review, provide feedback, and when completed, coordinate with the U.S. for the appropriate submission to the chosen institution.

4. Track the progress made on each student’s application in our CRM and report Management on a regular basis.

What we offer:

Opportunity to work from home.

Opportunity to work from home and mostly, work in the time of the day that better works for you.  Note that sometimes you will need to communicate live with the sales force, student, or management and need to be flexible enough to adjust your availability.

Training in communication and sales skills.

Training in communication and sales skills, so you can become a better communicator, sales person, and business professional.

Access to a network of ambitious peers around the world.

Access to a network of ambitious peers around the world who share same values, and who will enhance your professional opportunities worldwide within, and outside of Epro 360.

A fair payment.

A fair payment based on trial period achievements, performance, and responsibilities. We want everybody to adopt a self-employed mindset in our organization. Salaries are quite competitive and rise in line with experience


Creative environment that welcomes new ideas.

Creative environment that welcomes new ideas (even failures), which will allow you to reach your full potential

What we look for in a candidate:

    • English Language: You need to possess an excellent level (written and spoken) of the English language in order to appropriately communicate with the rest of the Epro 360 team and students.
    • Aptitude for using new technologies (e.g. our CRM, google drive, google docs, WhatsApp etc.).
    • Additional Languages: Knowledge of a second language is not required but often helpful. If you enjoy travelling and want to advance your career, your chances of being relocated or being promoted to become an Area Leader (i.e. responsibility for a group of countries) will increase if you know more than English. This will also allow you to grow your income from sales commissions.
    • Attention to details.  The level of details in some steps of the process (e.g. review of the documentation) is high.  For instance, if we make a mistake in the review of the documentation presented to a University, this can have serious consequences not only for that student but also to the Company on the overall (e.g. bad reviews, lack of referrals, etc.).
    • Ability to work independently & responsibly: Freedom to work anywhere you want and at the times that you want requires you to be diligent and responsible on getting things done and meeting deadlines.
    • Time management: We want to empower our team members as much as possible. This is why we focus on performance instead of requiring to work a minimum of hours. We invite you to be the owner for Epro 360 in your region. It will be up to you to schedule your time wisely. However, if you want to manage Epro 360’s responsibilities with another part-time or full-time job, you will need to prove that you have prior experience managing different tasks and responsibilities at the same time.
    • U.S. Experience: Because of the many complexities of the admission process in U.S. institutions, we would prefer if you have experienced the “American Educational System” (e.g. undergraduate or master’s degree or at least a semester abroad in the U.S.).
    • Ability to transmit energy and a fun “can do” attitude to other members of the team.
    • Most importantly: feel passionate about helping Epro 360 to achieve its mission and vision.