Finance & Operations Leader

What we are looking for:

Do you feel passionate about education abroad, and in the U.S. in particular?  Would you like to enable young generations to become more global?  Perfect!  We are looking for a passionate and driven individual as Leader of Finance and Operations (Part-time initially) to join our team.  Our team is mostly working remotely so you can too and work from anywhere you please.  We have offices in Miami, Sevilla, and Berlin in case you would like to physically be present with other team members but this is not required.  

As a Leader of Finance and Operations, you will have hands-on involvement, working together with the Managing Director and other department leaders, on all types of operational, accounting, and finance tasks and responsibilities.  Basically, your efforts will mainly allow the different departments of the company to run more efficiently and aligned with each other.  The role calls for a professional who displays a great deal of responsibility and autonomy, entrepreneurial and process improvement mindset, above average communication skills and attention to details. Sounds like you? Keep reading!

What your responsibilities will be:

Required (frequency and approximate % of time allocated to each responsibility):

  1. Review the bookkeeping activities performed by the accountant in Quickbooks (monthly and ~5% of the total time)
  2. Review bank transactions and update different systems (e.g. quickbooks (apply and close invoices), google aps (for internal tracking purposes and communication with accountant), basecamp (communicate customers), pipedrive (communicate other departments)) (daily and ~25% of the total time)
  3. Analysis and process of refunds requested by customers (several times per month and ~10% of the total time)
  4. Review outstanding invoices and follow up internally and with customers (weekly and ~5% of the total time)
  5. Run, analyze and share financial statements (together with major insights and recommendations) with the entire team (monthly and ~5% of the total time)
  6. Perform analysis of budget vs actuals and presentation to the leadership team (monthly and ~5% of the total time)  
  7. Review vendors’ invoices, initiate wire transfers in the online banking platforms, and track payments in different applications (weekly and ~10% of the total time)
  8. Work with the outsourced CPA and Tax Advisor to ensure legal and tax compliance (e.g. 1099, tax forms, etc.) (several times per year and ~5% of the total time)
  9. Create and issue invoices in Quickbooks when zapier do not work or when modification is requested by sales or customers (weekly and ~5% of the total time)
  10. Update financial and operational metrics to include in the monthly communication message and meeting shared with the entire team (monthly and ~5% of the total time)
  11. Track revenue and expenses by customers to analyze the profitability by customer and identify patterns to help improve our business (monthly and ~5% of the total time)
  12. Review and update the master bank report to provide context and invoices to the accountant so that the latter can perform bookkeeping tasks (monthly and ~5% of the total time)
  13. Support the preparation and the execution of the weekly business (staff) meeting (weekly and ~10% of the total time)

What we look for in a candidate:

Required. Do not apply if you don’t meet the following:

  • BA degree in finance or a related field
  • Native fluency in English
  • Proficiency working with Quickbooks online
  • Attention to details and analytical skills 
  • Knowledge and experience running and interpreting financial statements (e.g. P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statement)
  • Outstanding writing skills and above average oral skills in English 
  • Confident in working within a high-paced, multiple-stakeholders business environment (e.g. ability to multitask, highly organized, and excellent attention to detail)
  • Knowledge of US GAAP and U.S. tax rules and regulations
  • Prior experience reviewing (or doing) the bookkeeping of small business
  • Being a team player who understands the importance of teamwork, collaboration and open communication across different departments
  • Open minded with a strong can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Current or past experience living abroad

Preferred or ideal:

  • Familiar with Google apps (e.g. drive, docs, and sheets), CRM (e.g. salesforce or pipedrive) and task management system (e.g. basecamp or
  • Current or past experience living in the U.S.
  • Prior experience automating process, ideally using an application such as zapier

What we offer:

Flexibility in terms of work schedule and location.

Opportunity to work from anywhere in the world and with the schedule (days and times that you prefer).  Note that sometimes you will need to communicate live with some of the team members from different departments or customers so you may need to be somehow flexible enough to adjust your working schedule to meet goals and expectations.

Competitive and fair compensation

We try to pay above market compensation in the countries the team members reside.  We have grown the business year after year since the beginning and it’s said that “growth sucks cash.”  While this remains true in our business, we do our best to make it fair and align the compensation of our team members to the value they bring to the business.  As an example, some team members have experienced a 3x compensation increase since they started due to their increased responsibilities and value added to the business.

Access to a network of ambitious peers around the world

Access to a network of ambitious peers around the world who share the same values, and who will enhance your professional opportunities worldwide within, and outside of Epro 360.  As stated above, the business has grown every year and the vision of all the team members is to make it big by increasing market share in current markets, expanding into new markets and expanding the service offering.

Creative environment that welcomes new ideas

Creative environment that welcomes new ideas (even failures), which will allow you to reach your full potential.

Coworking space

Choose your preferred coworking space that makes you happy and send us the bill for full or partial reimbursement.