“If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.” – Walt Disney

Epro 360 wants to democratize the dream of studying in the U.S. and provide the best service to motivated students and families all around the world.

Would you like to be part of a Company with the ambition to become the #1 service provider in the market of studying in the U.S.? 

Do you have a passion to grow professionally in the consulting industry of studying abroad? 

Do you enjoy making the life of others easier and better? 

Do you want to be part of something big and unique in this life? Has the U.S. changed the way you are or the way you face life? 

We are constantly looking for strong candidates who feel passionate about studying abroad, especially in the U.S. You can be sure that we will personally review your application and contact you back. Full time, part-time, weekends, online/remote only, you name it! We are very flexible and open to adapt to your needs if we believe you can bring value to our team. If we think we can build something unique together, we will.

Below are the positions we are hiring now

Where are these positions offered?

Epro 360 is a remote team with team members located around the world. Please review the details behind each different position but in general, we encourage as much as possible that each team member work at his/her preferred time and location whenever possible, assuming that expected and agreed results are achieved.  Please note that we are a U.S. company that has U.S. residents under payroll and non-U.S. residents as contractors for now. 

What are some benefits that I will have by working in Epro 360?

In addition to our distinguished culture and our amazing team spirit, we also offer some of the following benefits:

Ability to work remote: Travel as much as you want if that is your desire.

Ability to work the days and times that you prefer: We know some people prefer working mornings and others afternoons, so why force you to work in your non-productive hours?

Competitive, fair and transparent salary: The more and better results you are able to bring, the more compensation for you.  There is no limit in terms of compensation, even for team members involved in sales.

Bonus compensation: You can receive a bonus at the end of the year depending on the company’s results and a bonus every month depending on the achievement of personal KPI’s.

Coworking space: Choose your preferred coworking space that makes you happy and send us the bill for reimbursement.

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