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Why the University at Buffalo is Perfect for International Students

Are you excited about moving to the U.S. to immerse yourself in American culture?

Then you’ll love what is waiting for you at the University at Buffalo.

Known for having a close-knit community and city pride, you’ll experience small-town hospitality with a cosmopolitan flair.

On New York State’s western border, Buffalo is on the banks of Lake Eerie just across from Canada. But it’s very well-connected, about a 90-minute flight to major cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Or if you’re in the mood to drive, you can take a 2-hour trip north to Toronto.

Buffalo’s unique location is what makes it so special. The city prides itself on its local culture, but people in Buffalo love to share their traditions with newcomers.

Get ready to be invited to Sunday Night Football with friends. To debate which place has the best chicken wings. To watch the spectacular 4th of July firework show on the university’s North Campus.

All of this and more is what Epro 360 Alum Philipp Schneider is looking forward to experiencing since he just moved to Buffalo this August to study his MBA.

So, let’s find out why he decided to call the University at Buffalo home for the next 2 years.

Is the University at Buffalo a good school?

Absolutely. But it’s not just a good school–it’s a great school.

The University at Buffalo is not only ranked in the top 100 for undergraduate programs, but it is also ranked a top school for international students. And a part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, it was recently ranked the number one public school in the state of New York. With a total of 64 SUNY schools, that’s a big deal.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you want to know more about ranking check it out here.  

How many students are at the University at Buffalo?

The university is big. If you’re thinking of studying a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be studying with about 21,000 other students.

Going to the U.S. for a graduate program? Then you’ll be one of 10,000 graduate students.

But being big doesn’t affect the one-on-one attention you’ll get. You’ll be sitting in classes of about 14-20 students. Which means you should expect the professors to know you by name. But this also means if you’re late or miss a class, they’ll notice.

These smaller classes are one thing Philipp loves about his MBA program.

Their goal is for every person in the [MBA] program to meet each other by the end of the semester.

But what if you aren’t planning to study an MBA? You’ll have more than 140 undergraduate programs and more than 220 master’s programs  to choose from. So the University at Buffalo makes it easy to say yes.

Sports in Buffalo

Sports is a big part of life in Buffalo. The city is home to two professional sports teams– the Buffalo Bills (football) and the Buffalo Sabres (hockey).  And their fans are loyal.

But you’ll get plenty of U.S. college sports, too, because the university has 16 Division I teams.

Life in Buffalo

Buffalo has a close-knit community, is very open to the world, and people are very proud of their food culture and region. – Philipp 

You now have a better idea what life in Buffalo is about: food, sports, tradition.

But what makes Buffalo so special is that as a border town and home to several universities, the city welcomes people from the Northeast, people from Canada, and other international students like you.

But what can you do around the city?

If you like to shop locally, there are many small businesses here you can support. So when looking for gifts to take back home to family and friends, you’re sure to find something unique.

Do you like a good art scene? Then you can head over to Elmwood Village, considered one of the country’s best neighborhoods . This is the perfect place to have a relaxing morning, stopping in at the record shops, browsing the books stores, or meeting with friends at your favorite outdoor cafe.

The city has one metro line connecting the north and south. But it’s a bike-friendly city, so it’s perfect for when the good weather comes around. A city gem you’ll want to visit on a sunny day is Delaware Park, perfect for playing golf,  tennis, or going on a jog.

And like many cities in the north, you don’t want to miss a Buffalo summer. Weekends in summer are packed with festivals and outdoors activities–one of the most popular being the Taste of Buffalo. This is a 2-day event for food lovers where you can taste all the best dishes the Buffalo Niagara region has to offer.

When you’re in the mood to be a tourist, you won’t believe that you are only 30 minutes away from the stunning Niagara Falls.

This all explains why Philipp would be happy to spend 2 years in Buffalo. But what made him choose the University at Buffalo over other universities?

Why the University at Buffalo

Philipp knew studying an MBA was important for his career. But when he decided to go to the U.S. to study, he wasn’t too worried about location. His reason for going to the U.S. was to get practical, hands-on training to prepare him to deal with real-life business situations. Now after just a couple  months, Buffalo has not disappointed him.

It’s a lot of work. Deliverables every week. But everything is hands on, with group work, and you have to present a lot. But that’s exactly what I wanted – [to improve] my team building, leadership, and presentations skills.

Leaving Germany to study in the U.S. he knew he would be with people different from him. But what he’s been enjoying most is the diversity at all levels: age, background, and professional experience.

I expected more people from finance [in my MBA program]  and was positively surprised how diverse it is. When you talk to everyone, you notice how different their mindset is and it’s extremely refreshing.

2020 hasn’t been the easiest year but Philipp has no regrets.

I’m extremely thankful that I’m here. I’m very happy with my decision. 


If you want to learn more about the Northeast and what schools are there check out our regional guide.

If you want to know how Epro 360 can help you choose your dream university, get a free consultation today.


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