Nuria Aceme Labrador

Nuria Aceme Labrador

Opportunities for International Students in the U.S.

Despite the immigration policies of the current administration and the global atmosphere, the U.S. continues to be the country with the most opportunities for international students. 

When you think about the U.S. the first thing you may think of is The American Dream. This expression is deeply rooted in American culture. The phrase is often used to represent certain ideals (freedom and equality) that guarantees an individual the opportunity to succeed. 

But the United States’ success stories could not exist without international students like you. 

Did you know that the majority of inventions we use daily were created in the United States? But this level of achievement and global recognition may not be possible if you decide to stay in your country. 

Below are stories of international students who used the opportunities in the U.S. as a part of their journey.

Elon Musk – An Idea That Became Successful

Elon Musk was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. He began studying his degree in South Africa before deciding to move to the U.S. in search of new opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania. Ambitious with an entrepreneurial spirit, Elon graduated with a double major in physics and economics from UPenn’s Wharton School of Business and College of Arts and Science.

Elon later decided to move to California to study a doctorate in applied physics and material sciences at Stanford. But he never registered for a single class. Instead, he decided to start his first business and created his first company.

When Kevin Rose (another great entrepreneur) asked Elon why he chose the U.S., Elon had a clear answer:

“It always seemed like when there was cool technology or things happening, it was kind of in the United States. So, my goal as a kid was to get to get to America basically,”  Elon Musk, CNBC

In May 2002, Elon Musk founded SpaceX,  an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company. And this past May, SpaceX launched their spacecraft Crew Dragon, sending 2 astronauts to the International Space Station. 

When asked about this historical accomplishment, Elon Musk responded:

America is the land of opportunity – there is no other country where I could have done this” (Elon Musk – CNBC)


Rice University – International Engineering Students That Save the World

Rice University in Houston, Texas, has amazing facilities for its engineering students. Because of this the university has joined in the fight against the global pandemic. By making their resources available to engineering students from all over the world, respirators are being built with pieces from 3D printers and easy to find materials.

These respirators have been used for urgent care with patients who had serious breathing problems caused by COVID-19. Nicknamed ApolloBVM, these respirators could be mass produced for only $200 each with the help of engineering students at Rice.

International students from all over the world have been a part of Rice’s mission in trying to save lives. The Wall Street Journal  recognized the amazing work done by the university and all its students because before ApolloBVM the most common respirators not only cost millions of dollars but also took 10 days to build.

Jawed Karim – From Germany to the United State in Search of Opportunities

Karim was born in Germany but moved to the U.S. with his family in search of opportunities and success. Jawad studied computer science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He also worked while he was a student for the internationally known PayPal, where his technological contributions were extremely valuable. He later studied a master’s degree at Stanford.

Karim’s entrepreneurial spirit is what motivated him to launch YouTube with his peers, now the biggest online video platform. In April 2005 Karim uploaded his first video onto YouTube–Me at the Zoo.

In 2006, Google took advantage of Karim’s new platform to earn 1.65 million dollars.

Today, Karim shares his success with other entrepreneurs and helps college students all over the world who want to achieve their dream of starting a business in the U.S.

An important message he often shares is to fight for your goals and don’t be afraid to innovate and take action. 

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why do people take their ideas to the U.S.?

Well you’re in luck because we have the answer to your question. 

Based on the examples that we have shared it is clear that international students have played an important role in American innovation. 

One of the reasons for so many success stories is that U.S. universities invest in research and development as well as in the recruitment of international students every year. 

According to the National Science Foundation, in 2005 the more than 1,000 universities in the United State budgeted more than 68 million dollars for research. 


Research Budget  Awards & Recognition

Interesting Facts 

John Hopkins University 

305.7 million dollars

26 Nobel Prizes
(16 in medicine, 5 in chemistry, 5 in economics)

Receives resources from NASA, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the U.S.  Department of Defense.

University of MichiganAnn Arbor

369.3 million dollars 

9 Nobel Prizes (including medicine, physics, chemistry, and economics) 

Receives resources from U.S. federal agencies including NASA, NSF, and the Air Force.

University of Washington

180.6 million dollars

7 Nobel Prizes
(5 in medicine and 2 in physics)

Receives resources from government agencies funded by the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.

University of California, San Francisco

126.6 million dollars

4 Nobel Prizes
(all in medicine) 4-time recipient of the National Medal of Science 

Receives federal funds of 578 million dollars from the NIH.

University of California, San Diego

101.5 million dollars 

16 Nobel Prizes , (including medicine, chemistry, and economics) 

Receives resources from federal institutions (e.g NIH) and private donations. 

Source: El financiero

It is clear that universities in the U.S. focus their attention on investing in research and innovation. 

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