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Learn the Secrets of Today’s Top Performers – Episode 2 – with Mark Thompson, Carol Look and Noam Kostucki from the Coaching Movie

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has been recognized again as one of the top ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World and the top-ranked executive coach at the 2013 biennial Thinkers50 ceremony in London.


Mark Thompson is a senior executive leadership coach, a successful business leader, New York Times bestselling author, venture capitalist and Tony-nominated Broadway producer – and brings real-time solutions to today’s leadership challenges. Mark is the CEO and cofounder of Virgin Unite Mentors, Sir Richard Branson’s network for executive coaching and entrepreneurial innovation and is a Founding Patron of Virgin Unite’s Entrepreneurship Centre.


Carol Look is an author, speaker, coach, and creator of her signature coaching method, “The Yes Code.” A founding EFT Master and leading voice in the EFT (Tapping) community, Carol is known for combining her distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy with energy medicine for unprecedented innovations in the application of EFT for successful coaching results.
Carol is a world-renowned speaker and workshop presenter, a frequent guest on leading Global Telesummits, and authored the popular books: Attracting Abundance with EFT, and The Tapping Diet. Carol trains and mentors energy practitioners worldwide, and runs her Certified Abundance Coaching Program for practitioners who are passionate about coaching others to lead lives of exceptional success.


Noam Kostucki is the Coaching Movie Fundraising Coach who coached the film crew to raise over $400,000 before production. Noam is a professional speaker, coach and author who has engaged with over 25,000 from 40 nationalities. His clients have raised money from investors, built successful businesses, and created masterpieces like the 40th most viewed TED talk of all time. He made over 50 media appearances, gave two TED Talks and received the UK Business Speaker of the Year 2011 runner up award. He has spoken at over 80 international conferences and at institutions like Harvard University, the London School of Economics, startup and executive networks.


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