Epro 360 Listing and University Financial Requirements

When our research team provides you with your personalized “Listing of Universities,” we include tuition and fees, housing and meals, scholarship amounts, and estimated work-on-campus compensation. Please be aware that once you have chosen the universities you would like to apply to, you must be able to show proof of funds (e.g. bank statements) for … Read more Epro 360 Listing and University Financial Requirements

7 things you need to tell your parents so they let you study in the U.S. and pay for it

Sure, everyone at Epro 360 has already studied in the U.S. but we also had to fight our way to get there. We know that parents are worried when you ask them to leave their house for the first time. All GOOD parents are, because they love you. Now, what YOU are trying to do is ever scarier for most parents: You don’t just want move out of the house, but out of the country. For four year. AND most of the time you want your parents to pay for it, right?

Self-exploration and higher education are not mutually exclusive

Choosing your college major after high school can be one of the most life-altering decisions you ever make. Many students fear this decision. In the end, it does not simply influence your job and your salary, but more importantly the circle of people you will be surrounded by, how fulfilled your work-life will be, and maybe even where you will end up living. Unlike the U.S., most higher educational systems make it pretty hard to
1. get in a specific degree program and
2. change your program when you realize that it is not for you.