Camp Canada and Camp USA
Nuria Aceme Labrador

Nuria Aceme Labrador

Camp USA and Camp Canada. The summer of a lifetime!

Do you want to live a Travelingua experience during yor summer? If you love working with children; if you are an adventurer and love nature and travelling… Travelingua offers you a program specially designed for you: Camp Camp USA and Canada.

Being a camp counselor means spending your summer in another country living with people that love adventure as much as you do. So, Travelingua gives you the possibility to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable summer in Camps full of people aiming to enjoy their summer as campers and counselors. That is why there is a special and fun atmosphere in every camp in the USA and Canada. All campers and counselors are there to enjoy their summer and you can be one of them.

Camp Usa and Camp Canada

With Travelingua you can live an experience very popular in other countries so there will be a lot of international members of the team working at camp. That is why you will be part of a young team from all over the world. You will make friends for life from any corner!

Not sure what your duties are? Don’t worry, here we explain it to you! You can work as a general counselor or as an activity instructor. If there is any sports or activities that you love and you want to teach the children at camp, you will have the chance to do it at camp as an activity specialist. In addition, if you have doubts, there is an excellent Travelingua’s team of advisors that will help you fit your profile into this program.

Moreover, Camp is not only fun but it is also an amazing working experience. Working at camp is a real job so you will improve a lot of professional skills that you will use in your career afterwards. You will be able to develop your communication and leadership skills and you will have the chance to create a network of international contacts that might be positive to have in the future. Furthermore, you will improve your English in a native speaker atmosphere what will help you get a job in any country.

HowTravelingua students in the U.Sever, working is not everything. After your camp experience, you won’t miss the country! You will have the chance to travel around the country in order to get to know the most important cities and touristic places of Canada and the USA with the money you have earn at camp.


Can you imagine living a summer as if you were the main character of a movie? Imagine and make it Happen! Contact Travelingua where they will advise you and help you throughout the process so you can enjoy an exceptional summer and help you to travel, enjoy, work and camp. Don’t miss it!


If you want more information, do not hesitate to follow them on their website and social networks!

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