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Lette Berhe

Why Students Choose UNC Greensboro

When you think of the perfect place to live what do you think of?

Being close to the beach? Close to the mountains?

If you said yes to one (or both), then you may love Greensboro as much as Malena Fuller.

Her name might sound familiar because she has been very active on our Instagram page. But if you haven’t had a chance to see her IG takeover, we’re happy to introduce you to her today.

Malena is getting ready to start her second year at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG).

But she has more than just this one year of experience as an international student. Before starting her journey with Epro she worked as an au pair in Salem (about 30 minutes from Greensboro). This is when she fell in love with the U.S. and made the decision to go back to study business.

I knew Greensboro before because I used to live in Salem…I love North Carolina. You [can be] at the beach and mountain in a couple of hours. – Malena

During the past year at UNCG, Malena worked as an International Student Ambassador, so this month we have tips from an actual UNCG international student guide.

Life on a 250-acre Campus

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is considered one of North Carolina’s most scenic campuses.

It’s really pretty especially in the [different] seasons. Fall has all the colored leaves. It’s such a green campus [with] a traditional style – red bricks and marble. 

With a size of 250+ acres (101 hectare), your classes will be in at least one of 27 different academic buildings.

You also have 30 different residence halls to choose from. You could live in a traditional double-occupancy room, suite-style halls, or even university-owned apartments.

We always recommend that you live in the freshman dorms (and even try living with a roommate) because it’s one of the best ways to meet new people. In Malena’s building they have a big lounge at the bottom that is always full of people.

But one of her favorite spots to hang out with friends is The Fountain. She says that UNCG is a very artistic school so you can always find groups of friends sitting around and playing music.

Small Classes and Great Professors

How many students can such a big campus have?

At UNCG…about 20,000.

But that doesn’t stop the university from giving you personal attention. You may not have thought about class size when making your list of universities. But with a class size of about 25 at UNCG, you can get the individual attention you want.

…I’m not used to having such a close relationship with teachers and professors. I really feel like the professors really care…[they] are really helpful and answer my emails right away and [my questions] during office hours. 

Malena is getting her Bachelor’s degree but we can’t forget about UNCG’s Graduate School. There are over 80 graduate programs and 180 advanced degrees to choose from. And the graduate students are just as happy as Malena. On a graduate survey, 90% of students said they were happy with the quality of teaching and the access they had to their professors.

What To Do in Your Free Time

Do you want to paint your face navy blue and gold (UNCG’s colors), tailgate before the game, and touch a statue for good luck?

UNCG will not let you down.

With 17 different sports teams in Division I, you will always have a game to go to after a long day of studying.

Would you rather play than watch?

You can do that, too.

Yes, college sports in the U.S. is pretty professional. But if playing a sport is just a hobby, you can join one of UNCG’s intramural or club teams.

If you’re not a sportsperson, don’t worry.

UNCG also has literary magazines, student radio stations, and even activities specifically for international students.

As an International Student Ambassador Malena helps organize events that are perfect for meeting other students and taking day trips. This past year international students could sign up for

  • weekly coffee dates.
  • trips to North Carolina’s beaches.
  • UNCG’s International Food Festival.

But how do you actually find the right club with so many to choose from?

It actually is easier than you may think.

I was actually surprised how easy it is to do things. [In Germany] we don’t really have in school activities…[but here] everything is in school. [Events and activities] are always posted everywhere…and there is an app [for all the clubs]. You can just flip through and always [find] a contact person and email [address]. 

The Greensboro Passport

Living in a great location makes a difference. And luckily, UNCG’s campus is near Downtown Greensboro.

According to Malena you could technically walk. But on days you feel tired (or you’re running late) you can catch the university buses that will take you straight to Downtown.

The city of Greensboro is just as modern as the university with its own city app called Downtown Greensboro.

And this year there is a Summer 2020 Passport adventure. If you register, you can earn points and win prizes for ordering online, taking pictures at restaurants, and more.

You won’t need points to keep you going back Downtown once you see the building, local breweries, and stunning graffiti. But if the city wants to reward you for it, why not?

Local Traditions & Food

Malena let us know that every season in Greensboro is pretty amazing. But fall seems to be the winner.

When the floor is covered with yellow, orange, and red leaves, it also means it’s almost Halloween. Go through corn mazes. Spend the day at a pumpkin patch. Or if you’re brave enough, go to a haunted house.

ScareWines is basically a haunted house…it’s an actual house and you walk through and a bunch of people [jump out]…it’s really good. It feels really real.

If you love fruits, springtime is when you can spend your Saturday tomato picking and strawberry picking.

With all these local-grown fruits and vegetables, the local dishes have to be tasty. In North Carolina you’ll get plenty of popular southern dishes like fried pickles and fried green tomatoes.

Have a sweet tooth? Then you’ll definitely want to try the blueberry and peach cobblers–Malena’s favorite dessert.

Malena’s journey from au pair to Epro 360 alum to international student ambassador are the stories we love. She took a chance which has helped her grow and helped other international  students like you feel welcome.


If you’d like to hear more about Malena’s story and experience, watch her IG interview and  IG tour of UNCG’s campus.

You can also hear from UNCG’s Director of International Admissions, Carol Mandzik, the first interview of our Virtual International Student Fair.

If you’re ready to start your journey to study in the U.S., then sign up for a free consultation today!

Fun fact: Because of her good grades and volunteer work on campus, Malena has been nominated as a Rising Sophomore by UNCG’s Lloyd International Honors College! 

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