Why the U.S. and EPRO 360

Why the U.S.?

The United States offers a myriad of options when it comes to deciding whether or not to study there. 

We have compiled a simple list of 10 reasons to choose the U.S. over any other country although this is just a glimpse of the many more reasons out there. We have started with general ideas and worked our way to more concentrated and specific reasons. Ultimately, it is you who makes the decision to pursue your dream of studying in the U.S. or not, but we hope this can somehow help you take the leap of faith.

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1) Discover many new cultures in just one country and adapt quickly

‘Culture is an iceberg’ – this quote resonates with us, and we take this as a solid truth. You may think you know a lot about the American culture thanks to the media, the film industry and social media. However, we guarantee you have plenty more to learn and each area within the United States carries its own subculture which you can get to know once you spend time there.


It is also easy to forget the amount of different cultures coexisting at the same time in the U.S. You will not only be exposed to one unified culture, better yet, you will be exposed to many different cultures inside the particulars of each subculture. This makes for a perfect international scenery for you to really feel at home while at the same time learning and experiencing so much more.  


Although it is difficult to predict the future, we know for a fact that our world is becoming more globalized. Having the ability and the experience of coexisting with different cultures, seeing and solving problems with understanding and compromise opposed to judgemental opinions has never been more valuable in the workplace. ‘Cultural Competence’ is the actual term companies are naming this ability. Having lived and studied in the U.S. helps you harness and grow this competence.

2) Master the English language

English is a must in today’s society, it has never been so important and companies recognize this. Receiving an education in the epicenter of the most dominant language is of extraordinary value and cannot be disregarded. English is not only one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is also ranks first as the most common second language, around 750 million people use English as a second language in today’s society. More than 75% of the content on the internet is in English and it is commonly accepted as lingua franca for Educational and Scientific publications. These are a few common facts to illustrate the importance of being a proficient English user.

As you know, having a decent level of English is required to be admitted into any university in the U.S. However, if your English level is not sufficient yet, remember that there are many universities that also offer English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.  They also offer scholarships to incentivize international students to study in their campus for one or more semesters and eventually gain admission into a degree program, sometimes without having to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

3) Very flexible, personally oriented and diverse educational system

The educational perception in the U.S. largely differs than that of other countries. In college or university, classes are quite flexible to accommodate all students and it is not uncommon for students to work on campus or practice a sport too. This is done to grant the option to students to lower their expenses through an easy job but also to become accustomed with the philosophy of work. While in many places students only study, the U.S. grants the freedom within the education organization to fulfill many other tasks, like work or sport. This way, we believe the U.S. is a great location to not only receive a wonderful education but also grow as a future professional, know other aspects of life and even work to help pay for tuition and expenses.

Not only is there added freedom when planning your schedule and classes. You also see examples of added options to choose from when it comes to the institution you are interested in. In the United States, there are plenty of destinations catered to each student: from small university campuses with less than 4,000 total students to enormous universities with campuses the size of a small city and more than 40,000 students. You can even decide whether to live on campus or off campus, although this is usually an option after the first year. In connection with social life, all of these options have something to offer whether that is football games during the week, theater events on the weekend or social clubs all students can sign up to, you will never have a boring day. What is fascinating as well, is that with all these options and destinations to choose from, you will never find yourself in a crowded class. The average classroom size in university is 22 students and many classes are far smaller than this creating an extremely personalized education. With this closeness, students can easily feel passionate towards subjects, develop working schemes with tutors for future projects and even grow a consistent network of fellow students that will last a lifetime.

Finally, another option to consider is community college. This option, often referred to as ‘pre-university’, is another way of giving options to those who need to raise their grade or need time to save money for university but want to continue studying. Without a doubt, the costs of community colleges are much less than its bigger brother and although it cannot grant its students Bachelor degrees, it can offer 2-year associate programs which can then be transferred to a university to finally achieve a Bachelor. In essence, any student can begin their degree at a community college (paying less for tuition while saving money for the university), transfer the credits to the university program, and finish at the university obtaining a 4-year Bachelor’s degree.

4) High variety of study locations and majors

Another unique aspect of the U.S. is the variety of weather conditions throughout its territory. You can choose what is your preference and make your destination one you will love: If you enjoy a very casual culture, beaches and warm weather, the Southeast could be your preferred destination.  If you love mountains and also warm weather, you may like the West or the Pacific West. If you don’t mind cold weather, are very enthusiastic about learning the authentic U.S. culture and getting the best bang for your buck, the Midwest could be for you. Even in these different regions, you will find so many different areas and so many different universities. The possibilities are almost endless.


The same flexibility can be applied to the degree/s of choice. Universities offer hundreds of degrees which you can study as well as minors to add as a supplement to your main area of focus. Even within your degree you have ample options to create the perfect program for YOU. This creates endless opportunities and can increase the motivation students feel when planning their university education. Take advantage of this and begin thinking about what area of study you feel passionate about.

5) Reasonable requirements and cost compared to the high prestige and value you are gaining

Obviously, attending a U.S. university is not for everyone. There are many requirements such as the TOEFL exam, SAT scores and financial requirements that can make the entire process a difficult one for some students. However, in our experience, students who are passionate about the U.S. and attending a university there are often successful, regardless of the time it takes to prepare and meet those requirements. Persistence was the key factor with all of our past cases and many of them are now living their dream in an American university. We, from the Epro 360 team, want to tell you your dream is important to us and there is always a way to make it happen, however, you must ask yourself: how badly do I want to go? In other words, any journey in life will have struggles and you must plan in advance for them. Similarly, you cannot give up simply because of an unfortunate result. 

There are several requirements that you must meet prior to being admitted by your chosen university. As mentioned before, every student that comes to us motivated and really wanting to study in the U.S. was able to meet those while simultaneously carry on their regular daily activities (e.g. high school classes and homework, sports practice, etc.). In other words, you will not have to stop your regular routine to meet these requirements, you just need to be mindful that during a certain period of time (a few months in most cases), you will have to work a little bit extra for a better future and to achieve your dream to study in the U.S.

Finally, we understand the economic and financial burden of studying in the U.S. will have on families. However, we strongly believe the benefits of getting a U.S. degree outweigh this hardship. Furthermore, we know for a fact that any debt or economic disbursement will be returned on average within 5 years of finishing your studies. To better understand this concept we have created a tool called ROI or return on investment, it can be used as a guide to fully grasp the advantages of investing in your education.

6) Academic and Athletic scholarships available for most international students

The American education system is well known for its generosity. It dedicates and invests millions of dollars towards scholarships to incentivize students to attend their institutions. As an International student you have access to many scholarships to help reduce the total cost of attendance. However, it is rare to receive a full-scholarship, although many students believe this to be a realistic option. In fact, the most common scholarship is a partial or merit-based scholarship. This means, highly qualified students will be granted a scholarship to help cover part of the expenses of tuition but this will not cover 100% of the cost. These scholarships, though, may reduce the price enough to make the total cost similar or slightly higher than staying in your own country and studying at a university near your hometown. Epro 360’s effort is to secure this funding, as high an amount as possible to make this cost minimal. 

7) Almost unlimited activities on campus

While at the university you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to take part in almost any activity you would like to. It is well known that universities offer sports clubs or fraternities and sororities. However, this is just a limited view of the social aspect of university. You can enroll in a social club to connect with students who have the same interests as you. You can be a member of an NGO and help better the community that surrounds you. All these groups are trying to give students the ability to experience leadership, volunteerism, social responsibility or citizenship. Regardless of the seriousness of the club, they all have the same final goal: enjoy your university time and meet the students next to you.

Our recommendation from Epro 360 is to find several clubs, social groups, or sports (such as intramural) and experience each one of them. Then, decide which one/s is the best fit for you and your lifestyle and commit to it. There is nothing like finishing your degree and walking away with a leadership position in a club, a respected figure in the community, or someone who has impacted the university policy. We encourage all our students, regardless of origin or nationality, to be an active part of the community and truly strive to make a difference.

8) Building lifetime international relationships

International relations is becoming a building block essential for everyday business and job descriptions. How then, can you limit your exposure during such a critical time as your University education? The U.S. is not only a magnificent place to study, it offers you the chance to be in a melting pot of culture, ideas and peoples from across the globe. You will learn to co-exist, to learn from, and adapt to a variety of ethnicities and manners of life. Epro 360, for example, was founded on precisely this: three countries (Ecuador, Spain and Germany), three viewpoints but one main goal; personal and professional growth through human contact and open-mindedness. Take this opportunity to live in an environment you have never seen before and that will change your perspective on life.

9) Enhancing your marketability on the global job market

‘Academic inflation’ is a term coined to explain the loss of value of any academic achievement because of the many students who have it. In the 70’s and 80’s, holding an undergraduate or masters degree was quite unique. These titles helped the holders secure high paying jobs, guaranteed social status and became a symbol of success. But nowadays, the situation has changed.

How many students are completing a degree in your home country? And how many students in your home country have made the smart decision to go abroad to complete their degrees? We bet that if your country falls under the average, the % of students from your home country completing a degree abroad is below 1%. And then out of this 1%, how many of those students from your home country decided to study in the U.S.? This represents a great opportunity for those of you willing to make the effort to study abroad and differentiate yourself from the rest.  Let’s take the country of Spain as an example. In 2018, there were 1.575.579 university students (completing undergraduate, master’s or Phds). However, there were only 37,723 students from Spain studying abroad (5.431 in the U.S.). This means that only 2.4% of all university students in Spain are studying overseas. Majority of these students are spending one semester or year only. So, if we assume (there is no statistics for this unfortunately) that only 30% of these students abroad are completing a degree, the % of Spaniards completing a degree abroad falls to 0.7%!  Do you understand now why we make an emphasis in completing a degree abroad and ideally in the U.S.? The learning experience together with the differentiation that you will gain is definitely worth making the sacrifice and investment. You will finish your degree in your 20’s and you will have the rest of your life to enjoy the benefits!

Added to this, the prestige and reputation that the U.S. has little rivalry. Most students completing a degree in the U.S. see how the doors of any country are open for them. The Epro 360 team members that have had the privilege to study in the U.S. experienced this benefit themselves.  Jonas Kehrbaum (co-founder) for instance was able to secure a high paying job in SAP in Switzerland after graduating in the U.S. During the interview process, he was competing against candidates with master’s degrees and PhDs obtained in Europe and other parts of the world. In the words of the interviewers, besides his skills and personality, the degree obtained in the U.S. made a huge difference. 

10) Temporary work permit to work in the U.S.

All international students that complete a degree in the U.S. (undergraduate degree or master’s degree) can enjoy a special work permit called OPT (Optional Practice Training). This permit allows any graduate international student to work at any company in the U.S. for at least 12 months. If you obtained your degree in a STEM major, you could even extend your OPT for another 24 months (36 months or 3 years in total). This allows any international student to gain valuable working experience that would look really good on anybody’s resume and also make good money to help recover part, if not, all the costs incurred during the studies.  Are you interested to know more which degrees are STEM and the average salary for recent graduate students? Click here.

After this 12 or 36 months, you would require a company in the U.S. (it could be a foreign-owned though) to sponsor you for a working visa. The process is not simple and it is costly for companies so you would need to prove to your future company that you are adding a lot of value to compensate them for their efforts and financial burden. The visas available are limited due to the U.S. government trying to protect American workers first and ensure that wages remain high and unemployment rate low. For those that complete a degree in the U.S., there are chances of staying in the U.S. with another working visa after the OPT. However, the chances of someone who has not completed a degree in the U.S. to be hired in the U.S. are very unlikely. Francisco Galvez (co-founder) also can be used as an example here. He used CPT and OPT when he had the F1 (student) visa. He was able to find a multinational company that sponsored the H1B working visa for him and later a green card visa (permanent residency). Although complicated, we want to focus on the final reward which was obtained and you can achieve it too. 

We are obviously passionate about studying in the U.S. and all it brings to anyone’s life. However, there are challenges and negative aspects you should keep in mind and plan for. You are, in essence, moving to a new country which you have not experienced (in most cases) before. Here are our main disadvantages:
1) Food

It is no secret the U.S. has a bad rap for its food and cuisine. This is no exception on the University campus: you will have the option to eat burgers, pizzas or any other ‘unhealthy’ option on a daily basis. However, it is also true that there is a growing tendency to demand healthier options as ‘veganism’, ‘vegetarianism’ or other dietary options are becoming popular and trendy. That said, in a recent study it was discovered there are more than 15,000 McDonalds in the U.S. and the farthest area from a McDonalds was only 170km (according to scientist Stephen Von Worley). We encourage all our students to take on a healthy lifestyle regardless of where they live and if studying in the U.S. this approach is vital in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. 

2) Ability to adapt and enjoy new cultures and network of people

You are probably old enough to have met people that are not open minded and do not enjoy learning from others who think differently. If you are that way (we hope you are not), you should probably reconsider studying in the U.S., a country where you will be continuously exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking. Multiculturalism is only as good as your mental capacity to adapt and learn from it.

3) Being away from home

The U.S. is better connected to Europe than it has ever been in history. However, this is still a significant journey in terms of hours and also a hefty sum economically speaking. Being away from your closest family members and at that distance is always terrifying or of concern. We understand this sentiment, and want to encourage you to view this from a positive perspective. You will have close friends and a new family near you in the United States, creating endless opportunities and experiences which will eclipse, undoubtedly, any sentiment of loneliness or homesickness.


Why Epro 360

Hundreds of families and students trust our services to make their dream a reality. Below we show you our top 5 reasons to make Epro 360 your U.S. service provider.

In order to be completely transparent, we are also adding reasons or situations where we would not encourage purchasing the services of Epro 360.

International Students in front of football field at the university campus
1) Personal and independent support

There are more than 4.000 universities and 34.000 private high schools in the U.S. Not all these universities and high schools are authorized by the U.S. government to sponsor international students but you can use these numbers as an indicator of the incredibly large variety and options available to any given student. Since its beginning, Epro 360 recognized the value of each candidate, their individual needs and preferences. Why, then, would we want to restrict each of his or her options by only looking into a select few? This is the approach other agencies may take, as they have exclusive working agreements with an average of 30 to 100 universities or educational institutions. This is not our approach. We believe in your individuality and recognize you and your needs in a unique way. Your advisor will dedicate time to get to know you, your wishes, your dreams and your background and use this to create our personal listing of options specifically catered to you.

2) No financial risk or commitment in exchange for the highest quality

Our payment plan offers you no risk. You pay as we make progress in the process and we deliver results.  You can also drop the process at any time without having to pay any drop out fee. There are no hidden fees. Our services are not the cheapest and will never be, but we guarantee good results and no risk from a financial standpoint for our students and families.  Also, if we are not able to deliver the expected results (e.g. admission in your chosen institutions), any payment made towards this is returned. No questions asked. You can get more familiar with our how our payment and pricing plan work here

At Epro we take a comprehensive approach to the personalized work with each student. There will be times errors, misunderstandings or delays may occur due to many factors. None of these will impact the final result in any given way, this is our philosophy. We will deliver solutions to any of the problematic situations you may face, regardless of who is ‘responsible’. Our goal is for our students to reach the U.S., entering the University of choice, and that is what will come to pass. This is our personal guarantee of success and it has never failed. Examples of the proof of this commitment to deliver the highest quality can found here, on this page and also here.

3) Commitment to save you at least 80 hours and $2.000 during an easy and 100% online process

Our process will be completed completely online through our personalized app. You will have access via phone or computer to your personal project. Communication with your advisor will be fast and simple, tasks will be notified in a timely manner and all results or questions will be shared with you via message or over a video call. We have developed a smooth system to ensure you maintain high grades, do not waste time you can be spending on projects or with your family and all in a simple and visual way.

4) Commitment to stick to your budget. Money back guarantee

We are selective in regards to the admission process to any of our programs. It can take days or weeks to conclude whether we can help you or not. This is because we want to make sure you qualify and that we can truly provide the service that you are expecting. One of the requirements most of our students have consistently made over the years is the importance to adhere to a specific budget. We are aware of the importance of this factor and if we confirm, after reviewing your profile, your preferences and desires that we can deliver options within the desired budget then we will, or you receive a full refund of our services. This is an example of the safety you are granted when signing with Epro 360. Our main goal is your satisfaction and we will do our best to make all expectations come true, starting with your financial requirements. We do, however, inform all our students there is inherent risk in attending U.S. universities. They do usually increase prices of tuition per year as prices change with other products as well. We cannot know or anticipate these sudden changes and they must be planned for in advance.

5) Extra Academic support after arrival to the U.S.

Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized expert on creativity and education, says: “Nobody knows what the world will look like in five years time; and yet we were meant to be educated for it.” As explained throughout our website, we believe we live in a world of academic inflation. Academic inflation describes the current decreasing value of a university degree (undergraduate or master’s) over time, because more people are obtaining one nowadays. Our goal is to help develop the whole person, and telling you the truth is part of the process. Many college graduates in the U.S. and the rest of the world do not find a job in their chosen field of study after graduation. This might be caused by the fact that the educational system creates more graduates than the economic system wants to receive. We believe that the problem is not the degree itself, but the lack of personal investment into oneself and significant connections. 

How do we try to solve the problem of lack of personal growth that exists for a big portion of students?

In today’s competitive, global world, it is not enough to know about “something” or have a good education on paper. You need to know who you are first, in order to respond to the world most effectively. As you join any of our programs at Epro 360, you will be provided with mental digging tools in the form of online webinars, presentations, and videos to help you grow your mindset. The goal is for you to work on this area concurrently to your studies so you are able to handle today’s complex and often difficult world.

Research has shown that those college graduates who have gained significant extracurricular experience, and those who have actively invested into their personal development, get hired a lot more frequently than those who did not. Having good connections also helps. Knowing that the job you will be working in five years may not even exist today may be called a burden to some; Epro 360 calls it opportunity.

How do we try to solve the problem of lack of significant connections that students have, which is specially relevant in international students in new countries? 

Jeff Hoffman, a successful entrepreneur and professional speaker, says that it is neither about the way, nor the goal; it is about the people you hang with along the way. Over the years, Epro 360 has created a network of current and former international students in many different areas in the U.S. This network is composed by people who are studying, or studied, Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Social Work, Medicine, or Social Sciences. The Epro 360 Network will give you access to a driven community that can help you resolve some of the challenges and questions you may have during your time in the U.S. Valuable contacts and personalities within the Epro 360 system can be contacted, as well as other like-minded students who also study, and have studied, in the U.S. through Epro 360. No other study abroad company offers anything like it.  Some of this network is part of this private facebook page that you can request access after enrolling into one of our programs.

Below and as we mentioned, we are sharing a few reasons why you should not consider Epro 360.

1) You do not like diversity and learning from other cultures.

As mentioned before, if you do not embrace diversity and enjoy learning from other cultures and ways of thinking, you are probably not going to enjoy the U.S. But even after this warning, if you are still thinking about going to the U.S., it would be better for you to find somebody else who can help you. Epro 360 was formed by one Spaniard, one German, and one Ecuadorian and is now formed by individuals from many different nationalities (take a look here). There might be some words that you do not understand because of the accent and we would have to repeat ourselves twice 🙂 but on the overall we are sure that your exposure to different nationalities and ways of thinking will make your process much richer.

2) Are you reluctant to pay for the services that we offer?

Is it because you do not see the value or because you think you can do it yourself? If the first, we encourage you to review the listing of services that we offer in each package of each program and hopefully reconsider. Using the Bachelor’s program as an example, we offer more than 15 different services to the average student (Premium package). If the latter, please note that we have noticed that our average student saves more than 95 hours and more than $2,500 using Epro 360 vs doing him/herself or with somebody else. You can check the exact savings with this tool. On top of this, you are reducing a lot of risk of making mistakes that are typical when you are doing things for the first time. We cannot promise a process with zero errors but our advisors have all worked with hundreds of students prior to helping you so the chances of them making a mistake that can cost you the admission in your preferred university are much lower than you trying to do everything by yourself.