What is Epro 360

What is Epro 360?

Francisco Galvez talking to international student on campus university

Epro 360 was created on the basis of cultural diversity. We are all passionate about living in the international scene and enjoying the benefits of cultural exchange. All our team members have lived a unique experience in the U.S., whether because they are American-born, or because they decided to embark on the adventure of studying in the U.S. Regardless of our nationality, we have all seen positive results from our studies in the United States. Epro 360 is our way of returning this blessing to younger generations.

Our goal is maintaining the high level of professionalism and results we have been achieving in the past, making an impact on our global society. Providing options for thousands of families and students from different countries and backgrounds but with the same objective: making their dream of studying in the U.S. a reality.

Our vision is to become a reference, and number one provider for students who wish to have access to the American education system with a personalized approach. Professionalism and personalization hand in hand to make your experience with Epro 360 one you will not forget, launching your American experience.

Our Values


We are effective in producing the desired results that our students and families need at a very reasonable price and always making their investment worth it.


We are always personal in every interaction we have with the students and families because we have all experienced first hand the challenges and difficulties of being an international student ourselves.


Our hundreds of reviews online prove our reliability when it comes to helping our students and families making their dreams of studying in the U.S. possible.


Our approach to any given problem is optimistic. In any situation, we will do our best to come up with a viable solution that guarantees your success and satisfaction.

360 degree view

We employ a 360 degree view when working with our customers to ensure we provide the most personalized and efficient service. Our unique University Listing is a testament to the work we do exclusively for you.


The idea that started with just 3 international students in the U.S. back in 2014 now has over 15 team members in different parts of the world serving hundreds of students each year.  We invite you to get to know each of the individuals that form the great Epro 360 team.

We truly believe that our strong knowledge of the country’s educational system, life, and culture, combined with the personal services that we offer, make Epro 360 unique in providing you and any other motivated student with the highest chance to study and succeed in the U.S. 

We are really looking forward to making your American dream come true!

Meet our team members

Nuria Aceme Business Development
Seville, Spain

Oswaldo Chavez Co-founder and Head of Business Development
Miami, USA
Juan Manuel Arizabaleta
Juan Manuel Arizabaleta Business Development
Bogotá, Colombia

Francisco Gálvez Co-founder and
Managing Director
St Louis, USA
Lette Berhe University Coordinator and Marketing
Seville, Spain
Hagen Fulford Director of Finance & Operations
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Leticia Campos Director of Marketing
Madrid, Spain

Lisa Kalkkuhl Marketing and Branding

Berlin, Germany
Jonas Kehrbaum Co-founder and
Head of Sales
Berlin, Germany
Amanda Moore Director of Application Support
Jaén, Spain
Aaron Niemeyer Director of Student Coordination & Research
Xerez, Spain
Adriana Ramirez Student Advisor & Development Coordinator
Managua, Nicaragua
Freddy Suessmann Marketing and Innovation
Berlin, Germany

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