Social Responsibility

Education - A Fundamental Human Right!?

The sad reality

According to the CIA World Factbook, almost three-quarters of the world’s 775 million illiterate adults are found in only ten countries. Of all the illiterate adults in the world, two-thirds are women; extremely low literacy rates are concentrated in South and West Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa (2010 est.).

A natural drive to do good

Epro 360 empowers people through education. Giving access to an education that is above the standard, coupled with an irresistible vision and the spirit of social entrepreneurship drives the Epro 360 Team. It is easier to make a buck than it is to make a difference. But it is SO worth it. This is why Epro 360 Gives evolved.

Epro 360 Gives, our global education donation program, runs on a percentage of Epro 360’s annual income. Epro 360 believes that a fundamental education is a basic human right, which is why Epro 360 Gives is working with the most powerful force for change on the planet: adolescent girls. Our donations go to The Girl Effect Accelerator.

The Girl Effect Accelerator launched its inaugural program in November 2014. The Girl Effect Accelerator connected 10 select ventures with world-class mentors, strategic financing and access to a global network of support. The accelerator aimed to rapidly increase the positive impact these ventures already have for girls living in poverty. 

A Win-Win Situation. Not a Win-Situation

Collaboration has become increasingly more important over the past years, because people have realized that you can accomplish more when working together and building on one’s strengths. The belief that one has to crush others, in order to step ahead, is toxic for the sustainable development of the human race.  This is why Epro 360 believes in “giving an education for receiving an education.”

With the establishment of the Epro 360 Gives program, your study abroad experience with Epro 360 will contribute to the Girl Effect Accelerator.  This is exactly what today’s world needs: Entrepreneurial Empowerment; especially for girls.