Diana Montesdeoca

The reason why I want to study in the United States is because I’m looking forward for a better education, more career opportunities, and because over there I’ll experience a completely new way of teaching than in my own country, I also have a strong connection with the English language and I would really like to be surrounded by English speakers. I consider myself a girl with many abilities that once I set my goals I’ll do the impossible to achieve them. At the same time, I like to be independent, but always keeping in mind that the term of being independent is not doing what I “want”, it is about doing things in the right way, always thinking about making the best decisions, and being able to realize what’s good and bad for me.

Country of Origin: Ecuador

Studies: Undergraduate in Biology

Future Plan/s: to become a doctor

Arrival to the U.S.: Fall 2019

Financial Highlights: Diana ended up paying only $15.000 per year to the university